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Well well well. The yule tide season is upon us. On Thursday we’ll celebrate the pilgrim’s fall harvest feast while consuming copious amounts of alcohol and football simultaneously. And then┬áBAM its shopping season! Black Friday is one of the most horrific displays of human nature that anyone could ever experience. The anger, aggression, venom, and cunning displayed by what are normally very rational, sensible people is sometimes unfathomable. In the last few years, which has seen Black Friday become an ever menacing monster, along with the emergence of Cyber Monday three days later, we’ve also seen the creation of Small…


So our 16 oz. stein mugs have arrived! Looking pretty sharp if I do say so myself. We’ll be setting them up for purchase shortly. But in the mean time, take a peak at the product. I used it yesterday to enjoy some Angry Orchard at a baby shower that The Dude attempted to disguise as a BBQ, and drinking out of the mug absolutely made me 12.8 times cooler than I would have been drinking out of a bottle. We’ve also got golf tees, and I’m working on some T-Shirt ideas, so be sure to check back!