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Adopting a College Football Team

Football is upon us! The NFL kick off is less than a week away, but the college ranks have already stumbled to the stadium from their tailgating efforts ready to cheer on their favorite squad. In our close knit Ducking Group, there are more than a couple college football fans. ( The DuckersĀ ) Of the seven, only ONE of them actually claim their alma mater as their go to squad. JJ reps FSU, even though he’s likely never even stepped foot on their campus. Slim Mex reps the Arizona Wildcats in spite of having played D3 ball at Lewis &…


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And in the beginning there was ….

Welcome…. this is my first blog post. That’s right, I’m popping my cherry right in front of your eyes, and you didn’t even buy me a drink first! Why should I read this blog you ask… well, because I intend to post my own thoughts about sports, life, entertainment, and hope to find others who can add content to the site as well to make this the awesomest (I know that isn’t a ducking word) blog you’ll ever see. My opinions are my own, you may agree with me, you may not, that’s up to you, how smart do you…