My name, Sullivan, Jason Sullivan. Your average guy in his late 30’s who loves what every red blooded American guy likes, sports, television, music, movies, and girls (my wife above all of course).

Lived in New England for the first 29 years of my life, alternating between Massachusetts and Maine. Which means that yes, I am a Boston sports fan first and foremost. I know that Nomar is better than Jeter (he isn’t though, I’m slightly biased not stupid), I know that the Jets would give their first borns to undo the trade that sent Bill Belichick to the Patriots, and that the Yankees suck.

Was an awful high school football player for a hot minute, a cerebral baseball player, and too short and slow to be any kind of basketball player. That didn’t stop me from learning the games though.

As an adult I’ve coached college basketball, played mediocre golf, bet on baseball, and play a ton of fantasy football. Most of which makes me, similar to 80% of males in my age bracket, save for that coaching thing.

Currently live in Vegas (VEGAS BABY!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!!), working your average 8-5, grinding through my days, working for the weekend (cause ya know, everybodys working for the weekend), got a dog, a wife, a pool, and couch, you know, the essentials.

Any questions, ask. Requests for content, let me know, need a loan, get the hell out of here you deadbeat.