We haven’t even hit training camps yet and its time to pump out our first 2021 NFL mock draft. Normally right now it’d be all about analyzing the NBA draft results and prepping for NBA free agency.

Instead we’re all anxiously awaiting the return of baseball, basketball, and hockey at the end of next month, as well as watching to see how NFL training camps will open.

We’re also rapidly approaching NFL Fantasy Football draft season. The season kicks off 11 weeks from yesterday, which puts the draft season 9-10 weeks away (depending on when your league drafts).

That is all to say that there is a gap in what is going on. We could write about the Black Lives Matter movement, or Covid-19 spiking, but lets be honest, that’s all being shoved down our throats from a million different angles, all day, every day. Which is to say, if that’s the content you’re looking for, there are plenty of other places to get it. We’re here to NOT be so serious.

To that end, we’ve put together an initial 2021 NFL Draft, well the first round anyways. We did a quick divisional prognostication, not a power ranking, because the 3rd best team in the AFC North (in this case, we projected the Steelers to be that team) is better than the 2nd best team in the AFC South (in this case we had the Titans).

So take that for what its worth. We didn’t have any traded picks, other than what has already been traded (the Rams owe their first to the Jaguars as part of the Jalen Ramsey trade, and the Texans owe their first to the Dolphins in the Laremy Tunsil deal. Both trades are looking to be steals for the teams acquiring draft picks if our standings projections play out).

As this isn’t the time for deep analysis, but rather just a fun exercise, lets get into it.


  1. Trevor Lawrence – QB – Jaguars – Clemson
  2. Justin Fields – QB – Panthers – Ohio State
  3. Penei Sewell – OT – Redskins – Oregon
  4. Gregory Rousseau – Edge – Bengals – Miami
  5. Trey Lance – QB – Bears – North Dakota State
  6. Ja’Marr Chase – WR – Jaguars – LSU (Pick from Rams)
  7. Patrick Surtain II – CB – Jets – Alabama
  8. Xavier Thames – Edge – Dolphins – Clemson (Pick from Texans)
  9. Walker Little – OT – Chargers – Stanford
  10. Micah Parsons – LB – Falcons – Penn State
  11. Shaun Wade – CB – Broncos – Ohio State
  12. Jaylen Waddle – WR – Giants – Alabama
  13. Dylan Moses – LB – Dolphins – Alabama
  14. Brevin Jordan – TE – Cardinals – Miami
  15. Marvin Wilson – DT – Lions – FSU
  16. Trey Dean – CB – Titans – Florida
  17. Paulson Adebo – CB – Raiders – Stanford
  18. Randale Moore – WR – Vikings – Purdue
  19. Creed Humphrey – C – Patriots – Oklahoma
  20. Richard LeCourte – S – 49ers – Georgia
  21. Trey Smith – IOL – Eagles – Tennessee
  22. Alex Leatherwood – OT – Steelers – Alabama
  23. Jamie Newman – QB – Buccaneers – Wake Forest
  24. Javon Holland – S – Browns – Oregon
  25. Jay Tufele – DT – Bills – USC
  26. DeVonta Smith – WR – Packers – Alabama
  27. Sam Cosmi – OT – Colts – Texas
  28. Caden Stearns – S – Seahawks – Texas
  29. Lorenzo Neal Jr. – DT – Cowboys – Purdue
  30. Travis Etienne – RB – Saints – Clemson
  31. Tyson Campbell – CB – Chiefs – Georgia
  32. Jabril Cox – Edge – Ravens – LSU

There is no doubt that some guy will come out of nowhere to sky rocket up draft charts (looking at you Joe Burrows). Some guy will drop from being an anticipated first rounder to going undrafted (looking at you Nick Coe). And I didn’t even manage to work in my favorite college football player for this upcoming season, Penn State’s Pat Freiermuth.

Well, that’s a lie. Texas kicker Cameron Dicker is my favorite college player. I mean, Dicker the Kicker? How can he NOT be a fan favorite.

Anyways, see you soon. Sports are ALMOST back!

  • Written by Jason Sullivan
  • ullivaFindFin
  • Find us and follow on Twitter at @TopDucker, or on Facebook at You’re Ducking Right



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