Well round one of the NFL draft was wild. It took forever for the first trade to go down, but once we got to the mid twenties it felt like every pick was on the move.

You can find a running commentary of the thoughts and reactions we had as the round unfolded here: 2020 NFL DRAFT THOUGHTS AND REACTIONS – DAY ONE

But now its time to turn our attention to day two of the draft. The second and third rounds will occur this evening. Each team will have 7 minutes to make their selection in round two, and then 5 minutes in round three. Regardless, this sets up to be a marathon affair before the draft wraps up on Saturday with rounds 4-7.

After busting open our DEFINITIVE 2020 NFL MOCK DRAFT in the early moments of the draft its time to give day 2 a shot. Lets be honest though, this is a fool’s exercise. There is going to be a lot of jostling, especially early on in the second round as teams had the night to re-assess how the draft has gone, where their needs lie, and where the value is. As such, I expect a flurry of moves. I expect the Cowboys to attempt to move up and get the safety that many had them taking in the first round, Xavier McKinney of Alabama. I expect the Bengals will have a lot of calls, and should trade back. The Patriots slid back in the draft from 23 to 37, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them slide back even further. They can get to the early 50’s and still get a guy graded roughly the same as they would’ve been looking at when they were originally on the clock. Our second round selections are all talented, and with few exceptions it wouldn’t have been shocking to see any of them selected late yesterday.

Without further delay we present to you our second and third round predictions. Feel free to mock us, like I said, this is a fool’s exercise, but hey, its quarantine land, we have plenty of time.


Round 2


Round 3

That shouldn’t be all the fun today though. Already this morning we’ve seen the Rams re-work Jared Goff’s contract to open up some salary cap space, and the Texans just inked left tackle Laremy Tunsil to a massive contract extension.

To that end the Jaguars’ Yannick Ngakoue, and Redskins left tackle Trent Williams are widely expected to be traded during the draft, and today would seem to be the day. Does an extension get worked out for Joe Thuney and the Patriots, or may he be on the move?

All that and more coming at you from the world of the NFL today!

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  • Written by Jason Sullivan
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