Coming to you live from the living room in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Las Vegas that was tabbed to host the 2020 NFL draft, today and this weekend should have been a party unlike any the NFL has seen before.

Instead we’re regulated to our homes and man caves (I wish I had a man cave) to watch the draft. League executives have rigged up make shift war rooms, zoom chats, and facetime calls to aid in their decision making process, and the commish, Roger Goodell is making pick announcements from his den. Hopefully this eliminates the usual “where the hell is the commissioner, the clock has expired” mess we always put up with.

Tonight, I’ll be sending out random, unfiltered thoughts, reactions, and opinions as we go through the first round of the draft. I’ll be publishing after each thought, and updating throughout the evening, so keep coming back to think page for news, updates, and the sexiest duck you’ll ever meet.

So without further delay, from our living room to yours, welcome to the 2020 NFL Draft!


  • Don’t expect any surprises here, reports are that the Bengals have already had #9 jerseys delivered to Burrow and all his family. The Queen city has their next attempt at a franchise quarterback with a guy coming off a HISTORIC season.
  • The draft really starts at 3 as the Redskins would need to be OVERWHELMED to move out of the two spot and pass on selecting the best player in this draft, edge defender Chase Young from Ohio State.
  • It should be noted that we could potentially have three guys selected at the top 3 spots with Buckeye blood in their veins as top pick Joe Burrow was a transfer to LSU after leaving Ohio State, and if the Lions stay at 3, its entirely possible they could grab corner Jeffrey Okudah to replace Darius Slay (I’d jump at the chance to select Isaiah Simmons, but that’s me)
  • And the Lions pick is in…. heres the real fun…. I had Simmons here in our DEFINITIVE 2020 NFL MOCK DRAFT
  • And the Lions select corner Jeffrey Okudah. Going on record right now, they’ll look back at this and regret passing on Super Swiss Army Knife Simmons, but now have a #1 corner to plug into their defense.
  • Do we see the Giants now draft for need and go tackle? Or does Gettleman have the balls to go for the best player on the board in Simmons, and hope to get an Austin Jackson, or Isaiah Wilson at the top of the 2nd? (it should be noted that he wasn’t afraid to trade back into the 1st last year, so if he needs to…) Bad teams tend to draft for positional need in the first round instead of taking the best player they can. The Giants are a bad team, so expect an O-Lineman here, but which one? Wirfs, Wills, Thomas, Becton?
  • The Giants go with the safest, least sexy pick they could make, Andrew Thomas, the tackle out of Georgia. Not the most highest upside selection he could have made, but probably the highest floor selection.
  • Did not know that Chris Slade was the high school coach of Andrew Thomas. Chris Slade was the college roommate of Virginia Men’s Basketball Assistant Coach Jason Williford. Just a random tid bit for you.
  • The question of the night, the question of the last 3 weeks, do the Dolphins select Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa, or Oregon QB Justin Hebert…. conventional wisdom for the last 10 months is that they were targeting Tua, but reports the last couple weeks have them leaning to Hebert. Was that all a smoke screen? Does Tua’s hip scare them enough to select a quarterback from a school that has produced Marcus Mariota, Joey Harrington, and Akili Smith?
  • Kinda like my wife, the smokeshow, all the talk about Herbert was a smokescreen, Tua Tagovailoa is now the quarterback for the Miami Dolphins…..
  • AFC East Quarterbacks: Buffalo Bills 2018 First Round Draft Pick: Josh Allen. New York Jets 2018 First Round Draft Pick Sam Darnold. Miami Dolphins 2020 First Round Draft Pick Tua Tagovailoa. New England Patriots 2000 Sixth Round Draft Pick… oh damn, I mean 2019 Fourth Round Draft Pick Jarrett Stidham
  • Oh Damn, just now occurred to me, Alabama vs Auburn…. every Dolphins v. Pats game will be the Iron Bowl redeaux
  • I’ve had a sneaky suspicion that the Chargers pass on QB here and go best player available, and maybe look at Jacob Eason in the 2nd, or Jordan Love if he slips. Remember, in 2001 the Chargers traded out of the Michael Vick pick to grab the best player available in LaDanian Tomlinson before grabbing a QB in the 2nd, Drew Brees. Could they do it again? The pick is in, so we’ll see in a moment
  • Nope, the Chargers go for Oregon quarterback Justin Hebert. I’m honestly not a huge fan of Herbert, hopefully for all the Chargers fans, all 4 of them, I’m wrong.
  • Carolina needs a defensive tackle with the defections of Dontari Poe and Gerald McCoy to Dallas, they also need a do everything linebacker with the retirement of Luke Kuechly…. so now they have to decide between Clemson defender Isaiah Simmons, or Auburn Defensive Tackle Derrick Brown… Can’t go wrong either way. I will say there is better depth at the defensive tackle position this draft.
  • Derrick Brown is the pick… There has been talk that the Cardinals were willing to move back a few spots. If I’m sitting around with a pick in the early-mid teens, I’m on the phone right now to jump up and STEAL Isaiah Simmons
  • Well, color me impressed by the Arizona Cardinals. …. it wasn’t a NEED pick. Sure they need help on the defensive side of the ball, but group thought had them going O-Line… but unlike the Giants, they pulled their head out of their asses and took the kid who may be the 2nd best player in the draft. This is a great pick for the Cardinals. They’ll win the draft if they now trade back into the first and get an O-lineman, a Josh Jones, Ezra Cleveland, or Austin Jackson.
  • And now I hate myself, I hate “grading” drafts… it NEVER turns out how people think it will… still, I LOVE this selection for the Cards
  • The Jaguars have two selections in this draft, and honestly, any pick outside of a running back, tight end, kicker, punter, and long snapper would make sense here
  • Sorry, I mean, 2 selections in the first round
  • And the Jags go with Florida corner, CJ Henderson. It seemed there was 3 tiers of corners in this draft. Okudah, then Henderson, then everyone else. The Jags replace Jalen Ramsey, they hope
  • The Browns HAVE to select a tackle here, right?
  • Safe pick here for the Browns, and they finally have an O-Line with the addition of bookends, Jedrick Wills the rookie from Alabama for the left side, and the free agent signee Jack Conklin from the Titans. I hate to say it, but I am a BIG fan of the off season work the Browns have done. All the un-warranted hype last year may come to fruition in 2020.
  • I think if CJ Henderson were sitting out there, he would have been the pick for the Jets. But with he and Okudah off the board, its time to get some help for Sam Darnold. The question is do they add help up front to protect him, or do we see the first receiver off the board here? The Jets receiving core was substandard in 2019, and that was before they saw Robbie Anderson head to Carolina.
  • The Jets go with Mekhi Becton…. he is a Biiiiig boy. Has a chance to do for the Jets what Trent Brown did for the Patriots.
  • This is a BIG nod to Al Davis! Ruggs wasn’t even the best receiver on his college team. That was Jeudy… but boy oh boy can he take the top off a defense. Think Tyreek Hill type talent without the off the field crap. This guy is all or nothing, he is made for Vegas. And just like that Henry Ruggs III is the first receiver off the board.
  • And for you youngins, Al Davis LOVED speed… LOVED it, didn’t matter if you couldn’t catch a cold, if you could run, then Davis would take a chance on you.
  • Tampa Bay making a trade to move up one spot? They had to have had a feeling the 9ers were looking at Wirf with Joe Staley coming up on the end of his tenure, or that someone else was looking to jump to 13 ahead of them (have to think Denver was angling to replace Garrett Boiles)
  • The Tompon Brady Buccaneers have their right tackle. And they just showed Jason Licht the GM giving his kids high fives. The Bucs are not scheduled to pick again tonight, but if I were Licht I’d be trying to work the phones to get back into the first. Grabbing a D’Andre Swift, or help for the secondary (how nice would McKinney look in Tampa)… You have Tom Brady who will be 43, and Rob Gronkowski at 31 (will be when the season starts).. you have a 2 year window, which is to say you trade your 2021 selection to get back into the first this year if you can. Now is the time to mortgage the next few years if you’re Tampa
  • The 49ers, Broncos, and Falcons should just sit here and let guys fall into their laps: Jerry Jeudy to San Fran is a perfect fit for Shanahan, CeeDee Lamb to Denver would be perfect, and then Javon Kinlaw to Atlanta is perfect
  • And just like that, Kinlaw is off the board, the 49ers LOVE to use first rounders on D-Linemen… Arik Armstead, Deforest Buckner, Solomon Thomas, Nick Bosa… and now Javon Kinlaw. The 9ers flipped Buckner and his giant contract for what turns out to be his replacement with Kinlaw in the first, and the #117 pick in the 4th round. Nice job by John Lynch, and with this receiver depth, they can grab an Emmanuel Sanders replacement at the end of the round if they choose to keep that pick
  • And the Broncos take receiver Jerry Jeudy…. 2nd year QB Drew Lock now has a nice pair of weapons in Jeudy and Courtland Sutton
  • How far does CeeDee Lamb slide is the question. There doesn’t appear to be a team with an immediate need at WR in the next few picks. BUT wouldn’t it be nice if the Dolphins were able to add Lamb to go with DeVante Parker and Preston Williams to give their QB a chance, and then look to add 2nd tier OT with their third first round pick? Plus Jerry Jones is by himself drafting so ANYTHING is possible. Could Mike Mayock form a Ruggs/Lamb receiver combo? That could be SPECIAL. Could a trade be brewing? This will be interesting.
  • And the Falcons select AJ Terrell… I felt Terrell was a first round corner, but a LATE first round corner, but that’s semantics… That being said, this feels like picking for need and forgoing other, better, options. I would have been looking Chaisson the edge rusher from LSU, or McKinney the safety from Bama.
  • Others may have issues with Terrell being the 3rd corner off the board, but honestly for me, the difference between Terrell, Jaylon Johnson from Utah, Jeff Gladney of TCU, and Trevon Diggs of Alabama is just a matter of system fit
  • And Jerry goes for the best player available…. which I applaud, with the selection of Oklahoma receiver CeeDee Lamb…
  • Also, with regards to Lamb going to Dallas, it was no coincidence as the biggest Cowboys fan I know had posted about an hour ago that she was having Lamb for dinner!
  • We’re now reaching the territory where Jordan Love, the Utah State QB, could be selected. Could the Raiders get their QB of the future? Could someone like the Colts trade into the first? Or could the Jaguars take a chance at 20?
  • The 18-20 picks are all by teams making their second selection. Do they get more daring as a result? The Dolphins already have Tagovailoa in hand, the Raiders have Ruggs, and the Jaguars have CJ Henderson….
  • In a SLIGHT surprise, and I say slight because most pundits had Josh Jones of Houston as the 5th offensive tackle to go off the board, not USC’s Austin Jackson. Both fall into that 2nd tier of offensive tackles though. It may be important to note that Jackson is a left tackle by trade, but the left handed Tua will need right tackle blind side protection.
  • The Raiders make a need selection, grabbing corner Damon Arnette… Mayock has shown that he loves to grab guys from successful programs early in his executive career. Today is no different as Alabama and Ohio State are the schools he’s made picks from.
  • And my Buffalo Wild Wings order just arrived! So I’ll be taking a short break, be back soon
  • Allright, so a quick fire round up since I was gone… at 20 the Jaguars selected LSU edge rusher K’Lavon Chaisson out of LSU, a couple of SEC defenders as they look to re-tool their defense after sending out Calais Campbell, and AJ Bouye this off season amongst other free agent defections.
  • At 21 the Eagles were sitting pretty to nab Justin Jefferson, the talented slot receiver from LSU when they threw a curve ball and selected the shifty TCU receiver Jalen Reagor.
  • That led to the Vikings pouncing on Jefferson. While he and Theilen both flourish in the slot, its a nice problem to have, and there is still time in the draft to add a sideline receiver.
  • In a SHOCKING move, SHOCKING move, the Patriots traded out of the 23rd slot, moving back 14 spots to 37 while also picking up their FOURTH third round pick. At 23rd the Chargers selected a guy I would have thought the Pats would go after, Oklahoma linebacker Kenneth Murray
  • At 24, I thought the Saints may select their QB of the future in Jordan Love, instead they fortified the interior of their line with Michigan center Cesar Ruiz
  • Following that the 49ers sent out a couple of mid round picks to move up to 25 from 31 to select Arizona State wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk
  • Then we have ANOTHER trade… after only seeing one trade in the top 20, it seems every selection is being traded as the Packers make a move up to 26, trading with the Dolphins as the Packers try to repeat history, grabbing a QB in the first round before they need one as Jordan Love from Utah State is the selection.
  • Lets give a tip of the cap as we have a moment to Trey Wingo… looking sharp with those stripes
  • Seattle is keeping their pick and I have to think they’re counting their blessings that Xavier McKinney is still there. A versatile center fielder would be perfect here
  • So of course they go linebacker here, Texas Tech’s Jordyn Brooks. A little surprising that he goes ahead of Patrick Queen. Then again Queen sort of burst onto the scene this year, Brooks has been producing for a bit now
  • Ravens coming up, could go receiver, but they also could use an injection of youth in their front seven, guys like Patrick Queen, Yetur Gross-Matos, AJ Epenesa, Zack Baun, Jordan Elliott, and Ross Blacklock all still out there
  • Flip side is the receivers, Tee Higgins, Denzel Mims, KJ Hamler, Laviska Shenault, and dark horse Clay Claypool
  • And front seven it is, Patrick Queen of LSU goes to Baltimore. A playmaking linebacker headed to the AFC North. A solid selection, and with Murray, Queen, and Brooks off the board it’ll be interesting to see if that moves Ohio State’s Malik Harrison and Wyoming’s Logan Wilson up some boards
  • Both Georgia Bulldog tackles go in the first round as Isaiah Wilson goes to the Titans, a replacement for Jack Conklin. The money they gave to Dennis Kelly made it feel like he was gonna get a shot there, but now it seems like an insurance policy.
  • What the hell kind of TigerKing mullet does that kid behind Mike Vrabel have?!?!
  • Mullet
  • Make sure to check back tomorrow before the 2nd/3rd round for a Day 2 Mock Draft, and potential Patriot targets as they have 5 day 2 picks
  • Wow! The Dolphins are following the Patriots plan of never having enough corners, Noah Igbinoghene, from Auburn, an athletic freak, is taking his talents to south beach. The Dolphins now have Noah, Byron Jones, Xavien Howard, and Cordea Tankersley is coming back off injury. That is a potentially deep and talented group. Toss in safety Eric Rowe was a starting cornerback in a superbowl, and you realize the Fins have some talent in the secondary.
  • Another cornerback goes off the board, TCU’s Jeff Gladney to the Vikings. Solid pick after sliding back.
  • The second round is going to have some GREAT value at running back, wide receiver, safety, and edge defenders. Guys like JK Dobbins, D’Andre Swift, Jonathan Taylor, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Tee Higgins, Laviska Shenault, Michael Pittman, KJ Hamler, Chase Claypool, Xavier McKinney, Grant Delpit, Antoine Winfield Jr., Ashtyn Davis, Zack Baun, Yetur Gross-Matos, AJ Epenesa, Terrell Lewis, Julian Okwara. That’s 18 guys, and there is still some quality at corner; Trevon Diggs, Jaylon Johnson, Bryce Hall, Kristian Fulton, and Cam Dantzler.
  • And with the last pick of the first round, the Chiefs go with LSU’s Clyde Edwards-Helaire. He’s probably the worst RUNNER of the “big 4” running backs. BUT he is also the BEST receiver of the group, and has the least amount of wear on his body. Interesting gamble, but he fits what the Chiefs like to do.
  • And with that, we’ve reached the end of the first round. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to watch out for our Day Two Mock Draft, and potential Day 2 Patriot targets posts. And follow on Twitter for Day 2 thoughts and reactions, @TopDucker


  • Written by Jason Sullivan
  • Find us and follow on Twitter at @TopDucker or on Facebook at You’re Ducking Right


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