Keep coming back for more thoughts and info as it comes with regards to the NBA free agent extravaganza that starts in just under half an hour….

Just kidding, its 2:34 here (PST), about 26 minutes before anything is allegedly allowed to get done, and we’ve got reports of about 16 deals going down.

I’m going to just keep updating this post throughout the evening with random thoughts and notes regarding the movement, so keep refreshing ladies and gentlemen!

2:34 PM PST:

Deals we know of so far:

  • Kyrie Irving to the Nets on a max deal, 4 years, $141 million
  • Kevin Durant to the Nets on a max deal, 4 years $164 million as per Woj
  • Garrett Temple to the Nets on a 2 year $10/million deal
  • Brook Lopez to the Bucks on a 4 year/$52 million deal
  • Jonas Valanciunas to the Grizzlies on a 3 year/$45 million deal
  • Nic Vucevic back to the Magic on a 4 year/$100 million deal
  • Kemba Walker to the Celtics on a 4 year/$141 max deal. Will be part of a sign and trade
  • Because Terry Rozier is headed to Charlotte on a 3 year/$58 million deal (thats alot for Rozier who apparently didn’t lose market value with his down year)
  • Derrick Rose to Detroit on a 2 year deal, amount unknown
  • Euroleague Power Forward Nicolo Melli to New Orleans
  • DeAndre Jordan to the Nets, years and money unknown
  • Rudy Gay back to the Spurs on a 2 year/$32 million deal
  • Dame Lilliard is signing an extension, an additional 4 years, $196 million (aka, a super max)
  • Khris Middleton back to Milwaukee for 5 years/$176 million…. this will get interesting in a few years when Giannis is on his supermax deal.
  • Dewayne Dedmon to Sacramento on a 3 year/$40 million deal
  • Harrison Barnes back to Sacramento on a 4 year $85/million deal with declining salaries, an EXCELLENT deal for the Kings.


Obviously this is huge for the Nets. There have been talks of a 3 way sign and trade that would ultimately land Kyrie in Brooklyn, Rozier in Charlotte, and Kemba Walker in Boston. Certainly the details of the Rozier deal indicates at the very least the Celtics-Hornets have something in place as Charlotte does not have the cap space to make that deal otherwise. Does the news that DeAndre Jordan and Garrett Temple landing in Brooklyn indicate Brooklyn is on board? It was thought that Jordan would be in line for their exception level deal. But that Temple deals falls in there. The thought was Boston would need to send at least a first to Brooklyn to make it work, but could they also want a valued non guaranteed contract? Such as Carson Edwards? This whole trade/free agent orgy situation will be very complicated, and incredibly interesting.

The Bucks are putting themselves in a position to run it back, do they match offers for Brogdon and bring the WHOLE gang back? They’ve committed a lot to Lopez and Middleton which is odd because they’re reportedly afraid of the luxury tax, and Giannis is due for a SUPERMAX deal after this upcoming season.

LOVE the Harrison Barnes deal with Sacramento. The two fastest rising teams in the league for my money are the Kings and the Hawks. All due respect to teams like the Pelicans, Suns, and Mavericks.

Valanciunas on that deal feels like a substantial overpay, but then again, that is what Memphis has usually done.

3:00 PM

And we’re off and running, JJ Redick adding some veteran leadership and SHOOTING to the Pelicans line up 2 years, $26.5 million.

Derrick Rose is poised to get $15 million for his two years of work in Detroit.

Dwight Powell is re-upping with Dallas for 3 years, $33 million

Porzinigis back to Dallas for 5 years, $158 million

Gerald Green back to Houston, presumably on a minimum deal. Always liked Green, solid fit in D’Antoni’s system.

3:05 PM

Thaddeus Young is reportedly headed to Chicago on a 3 year $41 million deal per Chris Haynes

Terrence Ross back to Orlando on a nice little 4 year $54 million deal.

Orlando has retained both their prime free agents. If they can somehow manage to rid themselves of Timofy Mozgov and Evan Fournier’s deals, they’ll have had a nice off season. As is, it still aint bad.

3:12 PM

Woj is reporting that the deal for EuroLeague power forward Nicolo Melli is for 2 years, $8 million

Shams is reporting that Trevor Ariza is headed to Sacramento for 2 years, $25 million. Read our free agent predictions, I didn’t pick Ariza for Sacramento, but he fits the profile for Danny Green whom I did think may be Sacramento bound.

And the hits just keep coming for Orlando, 3 years for $29 million being tossed at Al Farouq-Aminu. I’m a fan of his, and think he lines up well with Aaron Gordon and Jonathan Isaac. That is a long, atheltic trio of forwards to split minutes at the 2 forward positions.

3:20 PM

Sam Amick reporting the Pacers and Ricky Rubio are closing in on a deal, not entirely unexpected.

Daniel House back to Houston, 3 years $11 million. Houston getting its small work in (Green/House)…. Green House… I’ll try not to gas myself up over that one. But really… what about the big stuff?

Bojan Bogdanovic is getting PAID… 4 years $73 million for the former Pacer as he moves to Utah.

A Rudy Gobert/Derrick Favors/Bojan Bogdanovic/Spider Mitchell/Mike Conley line up aint bad at all

and speaking of the Pacers…. they’re putting in work per Shams:

inking Jeremy Lamb to a 3 year 31.5 million deal, and coming to terms on an offer sheet with Malcolm Brodgon

Meanwhile he is also reporting that former Pacer target, Ricky Rubio is headed to sunny Phoenix on a 3 year $51 deal

Woj is reporting that the Brogdon deal is 4 years, $85 million…. so not cheap. Brogdon feels like the type of player Hoosier nation will love. To secure the deal, meaning it won’t be matched (or rather, it’ll be a sign and trade), Indy is sending Milwaukee a future 1st rounder and 2 future seconds…. and STILL have to pay Brogdon a boat load. Big investment by Indy.

There are a few overpayments (in my estimation) coming in… not HUGE, but by $2-$3 million. This is going to result in the cap space drying up, like TONIGHT.. there will be some nice bargains in the 2nd/3rd wave of free agency. The Lakers waiting on Kawhi may end up winning either way as they’ll have the pick of the secondary litter.

Young big man Thomas Bryant is returning to the Wizards, 3 years, $25 million. Not bad for a guy waived by the Lakers a year ago to open cap space.

3:37 PM

Its apparently all good in the hood for Rodney, Rodney Hood that is as he is returning to the Blazers for 2 years, $16 million per Woj (other reports say its a 2 year deal, for MLE money and the 2nd year is a player option)


Tobias Harris is returning to the 76ers on a 5 year $180 million deal. A nice save for the 76ers, worst case they retain at least one of Harris and Butler. Unfortunately they lost Redick while they had to sort it out.

Meanwhile the 76ers also re-signed forward Mike Scott for 2 years, $9.8 million. Thought Scott would have been a nice target for the Lakers.

The Spurs signed another forward after inking Rudy Gay, as Demarre Carroll heads to the Alamo for 2 years, $12 million

Woj is reporting that the Thunder have retained Nerlens Noel. No word at this point on what the terms are.

The Knicks finally stepped into the fray and have given Julius Randle a pretty nice contract, 3 years, $63 million.

After being released by the Bucks, George Hill re-signs with Milwaukee for 3 years $29 million dollars.

So the Bucks have put the band back together with the exception of Malcolm Brogdon, for whom they managed to salvage a future first and 2 seconds.


  • Written by Jason Sullivan
  • Find us on Twitter at @TopDucker or on Facebook at You’re Ducking Right



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