You’re Ducking Right Fantasy Golf

Rickie Fowler

We’re introducing, a bit late for sure, but before the crown jewel tourneys that Thanos is looking to capture, fantasy golf for the 2019 PGA season.

On this page we’ll track after each covered event, the updated standings. The rules are as follows:

Each “Roster” will contain 5 golfers. We will have a draft, where, snake style, you select a PGA golfer for your squad.

By 5 PM (PST) each Wednesday before a covered event, each manager will submit the names of the 3 golfers he is using that week. After 5 PM (PST), those names can’t change. We’re talking Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, is that your final answer style.

You MUST submit 3 golfers names each week that are playing in that tourney. Any week you do not submit 3 golfers, you will receive +20 points for each of the names not submitted.

The scoring is very simple. To start the year, each team starts out with ZERO points. At the end of each tourney, the standings will be updated. How your golfers do, equals your point total.

EXAMPLE:  You started Tiger Woods, Paul Casey, & Sergio Garcia. Tiger finished -12, Casey finished +3, Sergio finished +6, your total score is -3

There is a -5 bonus for the tournament winner (not the “team” with the lowest points that week, but if Justin Thomas won the tourney, and you started him, your team gets a -5 bump)

So like in Uno, or Golf, you’re looking to end up with the lowest score, not the highest.

There will be 13 events covered in the fantasy season (Listed below):

The entry cost is $100, to be sent via Paypal by the end of the MASTERS

Payouts will be made at the end of the season. With the last event being the Tour Championship which kicks off 8/22. Top 3 on the leader board get paid out. 3rd place gets 10% of the pool, 2nd place gets 25% of the pool, and the champ gets 65%.

In the event of a tie we would add the pool percentages of the tying teams. Meaning, the winner finishes at -120, and then the next two teams are at -110, then 35% is split between the teams with -110. If two teams are tied for the top spot, then 25%+65% = 90%, each manager would get 45%. And just to cover all scenarios for posterity. Let say there 5 teams tied for 3rd. 1st and 2nd are clearly won, then the 5 teams tied, would split the 10% that the 3rd place winner is owed (so essentially, each team would get 2%).

Once all the “starters” are submitted each week, I will post whom each team is starting on the website. I intend to post that each Wednesday evening, so everyone can see who our field is come Thursday.

First event covered is the Arnold Palmer Invitational which starts March 7th at Bay Hill.

We will hold our draft on Sunday March 3rd. Time TBD. Invitations to be emailed.

The 13 tournaments covered (Scheduled start date/Tourney/Location)

3/7 Arnold Palmer Invitational – Bay Hill

3/14 The Players Championship – Saw Grass

4/11 The Masters – If I need to tell you where the Masters is held, this isn’t for you

5/2 Wells Fargo Open – Quail Hollow

5/16 PGA Championship – Beth Page

5/30  The Memorial – Muirfield

6/13 U.S. Open – Pebble Beach

6/27 Rocket Mortage Classic – Detroit G.C.

7/11 John Deere Classic – TPC Deer Run

7/18 The British Open – Portrush

7/25 Fedex St. Judes Invitational – TPC Southwind

8/15 BMW Championship – Medinah CC

8/22 Tour Championship – East Lake GC


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