Will Smith Now

Coming up on the big 5-0 we examined the film career of the former rapper from West Philadelphia to highlight the top movie roles he’s had along the way.

So with a little hitch in our giddy’up, we’ll venture into the wild west, because I am a legend, just nod your head, and look right here. We’re going big willy style.

Honorable mention performances that just didn’t make the cut: Hitch in Hitch, and Robert Neville in I Am Legend.

Will Smith as Bagger Vance


The smooth, simple logic of this caddy makes me feel like even I could shoot par if he were my golf Sherpa.

Will Smith Bad Boys

#4 BAD BOYS – Mike Lowrey

The only person to play Mike Lowrey better than Will Smith was when Martin Lawrence’s character tried to pull it off, Mike Lowwwwrey. Whats you gonna do when they come for you?

Will Smith Men in Black.png

#3 MEN IN BLACK – Agent J

Pulling double duty as the co-lead of the movies, and running shit with some bomb soundtrack additions, Smith was at the height of his multi platform prowess when he played this galaxy defender.

Will Smith Independance Day

#2 INDEPENDANCE DAY – Capt. Steven Hiller

Lets just say that if aliens have been watching our film footage in preparation for an invasion, they’d be making sure to take out Will Smith as part 1 of their plans. The lead in an iconic summer blockbuster film lent credence to Smith being a box office draw.

Will Smith in the Pursit of Happiness


As much fun you can have watching Smith’s other, less serious, roles, his performance here was his finest moment. Without spoiling anything, if you can make it through this movie without have an allergy attack, then you just don’t have a soul.

Do you disagree? Other Will Smith roles that you felt worthy of consideration? Comment, or hit us on Twitter or Facebook.


  • Written by Jason Sullivan
  • Find us on Twitter at @TopDucker or on Facebook at You’re Ducking Right


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