Like their NBA counterparts, the NHL off-season is now in full swing. A year ago at this time the Vegas Golden Knights roster looked like a scene from the Island of Misfit Toys.

Since then all the team has done is make an oasis in the middle of the desert a hockey town, and advanced all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals. Their practices (We talking about practice?) sell out. Golden Knights gear can be seen all over the city, and even non-sports fans were glued to televisions as the Knights advanced through the playoffs.

In the opening moves of free agency the Knights have shown that they won’t be stagnant. Here are some of the moves made, and some of the moves that are reportedly in the works:

Paul Stastny

Likely the top free agent signing they’ll make has already been done as they came in and netted Paul Stastny, a potential top line center from the Winnipeg Jets. A double whammy as it weakens the team they squared off against in the Western Conference finals.

The downside is that they did lose David Perron to the St. Louis Blues. So there was a need for a replacement forward. Keep in mind that James Neal is also a free agent, and it is thought that he is likely to look for greener $$$, pastures.

Brandon Pierri was extended a year to stay in Vegas.

Also coming back was forward Ryan Reaves. Personally one of my favorite players, but I miss guys like Kevin Kaminski. Reaves has just enough skill to be valuable, with more than enough grit and toughness to be considered a throwback.

Ryan Reaves

Speaking of toughness, rumors persist that the Knights could be making giant upgrades to their defenseman corps. As it is rumored (per Pierre Lebrun of the Athletic) that the Knights are the front runner for Nick Holden, who finished the season with the Bruins after being a trade deadline acquisition from the Rangers.

On top of that, it is believed that Vegas will be the ultimate destination for Erik Karlsson when he is eventually dealt from Ottawa. The drama in Ontario has made the situation untenable up north, and the Senators loss would be the Knights gain. I for one am looking forward to the Karlsson and Karlsson (William) marketing campaigns sure to hit the city.

But lets be honest, all these additions, subtractions, extensions, and contracts. As long as Bark Andre-Furry is back, its all good:

Bark Andre Furry


  • By Jason Sullivan
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