I WOW, what a way to start NFL’s week 3. With a game that by all rights should have been uglier than that girl you hooked up with that one time on New Years at the Foundation Room (yeah I’m looking at you ____ ) on the schedule, the frog turned into a prince of a game. Jared Goff took steps to separate himself from the Blake Bortles dud crowd, and made the Rams feel much better about passing on Carson Wentz.

It also initiated what I think is going to be a week known as the week of the running backs. Todd Gurley kicked off the festivities with a workhorse performance. 33 touches, 149 yards and 3 touchdowns made for a nice couple of days for Gurley fantasy owners to bask in the glow of an early week lead.

We’ve got 15 predictions for this weekend (and Monday), included in them we’ve got 5 different running backs going for 200+ yards from scrimmage, as well as an additional 2 eclipsing the 100 yard receiving mark.

Leonard Fournette

  • Texans and Patriots: A week after everyone expected it, we’ll see the breakout game for Brandin Cooks. Through 2 games Cooks has 5 receptions for 125 yards and no touchdowns. On Sunday he’ll eclipse all those totals, going for 7 receptions, 150 yards and a touchdown.


  • Jaguars and Ravens: The world, or at least the british isle, will be properly introduced to Leonard Fournette as he is one of 5 running backs this week who will go over 200 total yards from scrimmage. The Ravens will struggle to put the ball in the end zone, making for a prime game for Justin Tucker, as per usual.


  • Broncos and Bills: The Broncos will get an early lead and sit on it by giving the Bills a more than healthy dose of vitamin C…..J. Anderson, as a result Anderson will be one of 5 backs to go over 200 total yards. It looks like the year of the Anderson could be upon us. (Fast forward 2 weeks where Anderson is out for the year and Jamaal Charles is running rampant over NFL defenses).


  • Steelers and Bears: Hey, guess what, his legs are now stretched, and he’s ready to roll. If you wondering for whom the bell tolls, the answer is the Chicago Bears. Sunday is the day Le’Veon Bell takes over. Fournette and Anderson going over 200 yards may seem like a stretch, for Bell it’llbe just a normal Sunday.

Theo Riddick

  • Lions and Falcons: Matt Stafford vs Matt Ryan. Reigning NFC champions vs. an upstart Lions squad. Ameer Abdullah may be the starting back for the Lions, but Theo Riddick is the Lions back you want, especially Sunday when he’s gonna go for 100+ receiving, including a score.


  • Browns and Colts: All sorts of intrigue. Will Kizer get another headache? Will Brissett back down against the Browns? Will it be a Crowell vs. Gore kinda day? My gutt says that Duke Johnson will be the star of the show, breaking at least one long one, and going over 100 yards receiving. Additionally, I thought this was the week the Colts gave the league a strong dose of Marlon Mack, but it looks like the South Florida rookie will have to wait a bit longer as he’s banged up, and likely inactive.


  • Buccaneers and Vikings: After an unexpected bye week, the Bucs seemed a bit rusty compared to their counterparts. As they move into their second game I expect a much crisper offensive performance. That performance will be keyed by Jameis Winston, from whom I’m expecting at least 350 yards and 3 completed tosses into the endzone.


  • Dolphins and Jets: TWO! Count ’em, TWO! Dolphins receivers will go over the century mark. Jarvis Landry will do it on the strength of 10+ receptions, while DeVante Parker will take a more vertical route to get to 100, and will include at least one touchdown.

Paul Perkins

  • Giants and Eagles: I told you this would be a BIG week for running backs, and on that note, I expect Paul Perkins to…… do nothing. I’m not as down on Perkins as everyone else (including Ben McAdoo), I think a lot of the issues come from the piss poor offensive line play. Regardless, my positive prediction is that the Giants will traumatized from a blount force, specifically, LaGarrette Blount will be crossing the goal line twice against the mighty mighty Giants.


  • Saints and Panthers: Will it be Mark Ingram? Will it be Adrian Peterson? Yes, a bit of each will make their presence felt, but it’ll be the rookie out of Tennessee, Alvin Kamera who catches at least 5 balls out of the backfield and finds the endzone this week against the Panthers.


  • Seahawks and Titans: A lot of questions surround the backfield for each squad. Who gets the majority of the touches for the Titans, Derrick Henry, or DeMarco Murray? On the other side, do we even know who’ll be in uniform? Will Eddie Lacy be inactive 2 weeks in a row? Does Thomas Rawls get more than a sniff? Does Chris Carson tighten his grip on the job? All valid questions, as a result I’m going another way, I think C.J. Prosise gets 15 touches resulting in his getting at least 50 yards on the ground, and 50 in the air.

Davante Adams

  • Bengals and Packers: The Bengals fired their offensive coordinator after 2 games, a sign of desperation. With numerous weapons its easy to understand why Cincy is getting fidgety when they can’t score a touchdown. On the other side, the Packers have shown an increased reliance upon Randall Cobb this year. With him banged up though, I expect that Aaron Rodgers will turn his attention to Davante Adams, as a result I’m thinking you could see 100+ yards and a couple of trips to the endzone.


  • Chiefs and Chargers: After taking the world by storm on the national stage that was Thursday night opening night, rookie Kareem Hunt came back to earth. I expect that he’ll re-announce his presence with authority by joining the 200 total yards club tomorrow. I think the Chargers will feature a heavy dose of Hunter Henry to spark their offense.


  • Raiders and Redskins: I expect this will be a good ole fashioned shoot out. Derek Carr and Kirk Cousins will each post some numbers. The guy I expect to assert himself after a fairly quiet 2 weeks is Jamison Crowder. 8 receptions and over 100 yards seems inevitable to me.

Ezekiel Elliott

  • Cardinals and Cowboys: And this is BY FAR the easiest prediction. The Cowgirls Ezekiel Elliott will absolutely take out his frustrations on the Cardinals defense and make them his bitch. 200+ total yards are definitely on the menu, and I think Jason Garrett will be ordering it as his entrée.


Enjoy your Sunday, have a drink or 5, flip on that Redzone channel, and bask in the wonder of how I knew all this would go down, in this week 3, week of the running back extravaganza!

Good luck to you and your fantasy squads.


  • Jason Sullivan
  • Look for us on Twitter at @TopDucker and also like us on Facebook at You’re Ducking Right

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